People + Place

It takes both to make this work. The Hawk's Nest Community is made up of a dynamic community of residents, visitors, guests and people who just happen to stop in a lot. 

The Owner

Ken Leinbach

As an environmental educator and activist who has spent a couple decades of my life helping to save and protect the 800 acres now known as the Milwaukee River Greenway, I could not believe it when the opportunity arose to live here. But there was a catch.


From an environmental perspective, I am morally opposed to people having large homes. We in the US use a disproportionate amount of the world’s resources in how we live compared to the rest of the world. Particularly in housing, we use a lot of resources for very small numbers of people. I didn’t want to perpetuate that.


To justify the size of the home, I promised that I would share the home with a broad array of folks. I’ve kept to this promise, and for the last five years have filled the place with really good people. Thus the home has had many tenants, guests and people through Airbnb!